Enel Green Power’s Country Manager appointed Vice President of the Italian Chamber Of Commerce and Industry

The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Australia inc. (ICCIAUS) is thrilled to announce the appointment of Werther Esposito, Enel Green Power (EGP)’s Australia Country Manager, as Vice President of the Chamber, a designation that comes after his entry in ICCIAUS’s network as board member in 2021.

The largest private renewable energy company in the world, Enel Green Power has had over 4 years of operations in Australia with existing solar assets including Bungala in South Australia, the biggest solar farm in the country at the time. The company launched its retail operations last year through Enel Australia, to support businesses seeking new ways to decarbonise their operations at a competitive price. As an executive with over a decade of experience in the energy sector and with different top international management roles within Enel Group under his belt, Werther will add substantial value in the Chamber’s representative body in the year of its 100 anniversary celebrations.

“I am privileged to take on this respected and important role. The mission of the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Australia isto create lasting and productive links with local industries and the Australian Government” Werther said. “With the current focus on decarbonising Australia’s energy consumption, there is no better time to bring-in proven Italian expertise and insight to the benefit of all Australians. I am excited to build upon the relationships I have formed with the Australian Government and key industry connections to the benefit of all Italian Chamber members and the business associates they deal with back home and here in Australia.”

Rachele Grassi, ICCIAUS CEO, heartily applauds his appointment. “Werther’s extensive cross-functional knowledge of the sector, as well as his substantial corporate background are critical assets that will greatly support the Chamber in its activities and in representing all its members, personifying its efforts towards sustainability and innovation” Rachele said.

With clean energy and sustainability as one of the most influential and prominent themes of our time, Enel Group is unquestionably one of the leading Italian excellences in Australia. Enel Group has had extensive positive effects on employment rates, inbound investments and is a leader in local know-how development. Mr Esposito nomination represents thus a major added value for the Chamber and its endeavours toward excellence and an advancement in further developing key business and government projects.

About Werther Esposito
Werther Esposito is an executive with +12yrs experience in the energy sector, with different roles within the Enel Group that allows him to have a deep cross-functional knowledge of the energy market: Merger & Acquisition, Head of Business Development for North Africa and Middle East, Country Manager for Morocco and currently Country Manager for Enel Green Power Australia. He began his career at the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs and in consulting, before joining the Enel Group in 2010. Mr Esposito holds a degree International Relations from the University of Trieste as well as an Executive Master from the Bocconi Business School of Management and Executive Education certificates from the Harvard University in the fields of renewable energy and sustainable development.

About Enel Green Power
Enel Green Power develops and operates renewable energy plants worldwide and is present in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and Oceania. A world leader in clean energy, with a total capacity of around 54 GW and a generation mix that includes wind, solar, geothermal, and hydroelectric power, Enel Green Power is at the forefront of integrating innovative technologies into renewable energy plants. Its Australian operation includes three solar plants with a consolidated capacity of 310MW and further 1.5GW wind and solar under development.