ICCIAUS Weekly Economic Update powered by Intesa Sanpaolo

22/02/2021 - In this week's economic update:

  • Italy: the Draghi Government presents itself with an ambitious program, which includes reforms capable of improving Italy’s growth potential. The attitude of political parties in the coming weeks, when potentially "divisive" issues begin to emerge, will better clarify what the prospects are in terms of its ability to make reforms.

  • United States. They have revised their 2021 GDP growth forecasts, from 5% to 6.2%, with upward risks, assuming that the American #RescuePlan will be downsized during the approval phase, including measures for approximately 1.2 trillion dollars. The scenario features a savings and consumption boom in the central part of the year, and an upward push to #inflation of about 3 tenths in 2021.

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