ICCIAUS Weekly Economic Update powered by Intesa Sanpaolo

12/02/2021 - In this week's economic update:

  • WHO data indicate that the winter wave of the Covid19 pandemic is regressing from its January peak, although new confirmed cases are still exceeding the 3-million mark on a weekly basis (around 2 million less than in mid-January).

  • Globally, the vaccination campaign has passed the 70-million mark in terms of the doses administered, that nonetheless still account for less than 1% of the world population. 

  • Failure to immunise the population in the emerging countries could prevent a full normalisation of international mobility, also due to the risk of a widespread circulation of the virus resulting in the emergence of mutations

  • Mounting fears over the diffusion of mutations that could worsen the impact of the pandemic have prompted several countries to adopt more stringent containment measures, and to keep them in place even in the presence of a slowdown of the contagion rate

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