ICCIAUS member Avion Australia presents: A Guide to Pharmaceutical Shipping 

When it comes to shipping pharmaceuticals, adherence to strict regulations and procedures is crucial. Companies that import or export pharma products must ensure the safe and timely delivery of goods, and working with a freight forwarder with knowledge in this area is essential. 

Avion Australia is a leading expert in freighting pharmaceuticals, providing international air, ocean, and land shipments. 

Pharmaceuticals often require refrigeration or insulation in temperature-controlled environments. Avion ensures these products are shipped in containers that maintain a constant temperature range, using certified temperature control equipment and isothermal packaging to maintain stable temperatures throughout the distribution chain. The company also provides peace of mind, knowing that products will arrive in a timely manner. Avion has gone above and beyond to help MSA receive shipments urgently, demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction. 

Choosing between sea and air transport depends on factors such as cost and speed. Sea transport is economical for bulk shipments, while air transport is ideal for time-sensitive products like vaccines and biologics. Understanding the fragile nature of pharmaceuticals, Avion offers real-time tracking and chooses routes to minimize delays. 

Proper packaging is vital for pharmaceutical products, ensuring they withstand transportation rigors and comply with regulations. 

When shipping Pharmaceuticals, businesses must consider: 

  1. Regulatory compliance – it varies depending on the country. 
  1. Temperature control – it needs to be adapted based on the product. 
  1. Customs clearance – documentation is necessary. 
  1. Security – to prevent unauthorised access, as medicines are high-value products and can be a target for theft. 
  1. Labelling – must be translated correctly. 
  1. Quality control – to ensure the products safety and efficacy. 

For companies seeking assistance in importing or exporting pharmaceutical and healthcare industry products, Avion Australia stands ready to help. 

Source: Avion Autralia 

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