To celebrate naidocweek 2022 themed Get Up!

To celebrate naidocweek2022 themed Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up! we want to highlight a project that aims to celebrate the strength and resilience of the Traditional Owners of this Country and the long-term relationships between Italy and Australia.
The project Aboriginal Archives in Italy. A Space for Reciprocal Collaboration was created by Monica Galassi to celebrate these connections and take action to support truth-telling and rights of access for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander to their cultural heritage. Monica’s PhD research at the School of International Studies and Education at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FAAS), University of Technology Sydney (UTS) focuses on archival records held in Italian institutions that contain information about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and histories. Its key goal is to encourage dialogue on this rich archival patrimony that can contain precious information related to the histories and experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, encouraging connections between Italian institutions and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander GLAM workers and Community members and organisations who are interested or connected to these stories. It also aims to start conversations on what a future space of exchange between Italy and Australia could look like over the future.
More information on the project and access to some of these records held in Italy are available at the URL

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