Ospitalità Italiana

What is Ospitalità Italiana?

Italian cuisine is the result of historic centuries-old processes crafted by a society that has always led the way during significant moments in human civilization. With Italians’ intrinsic focus on human relationships and quality of life, the culture of the table has become, over the course of time, a symbol of hospitality and welcome, and the food has taken on the same cultural significance and value as art and music. For these reasons, Italian food should be considered an important contribution to humanity’s heritage and should be defended and protected from adulteration and imitation to preserve its history, culture, quality and authenticity.

With this in mind, Unioncamere promoted the project “Ospitalita’ Italiana, Ristoranti Italiani nel Mondo” (Italian Hospitality, Italian Restaurants in the World) aimed at all Italian restaurants abroad, ensuring compliance with the high quality standards typical of Italian hospitality.

Since 2020, this certification is extended also to Italian Gelaterie abroad.

“Ospitalita’ Italiana” is a complimentary, voluntary and annually renewable certification which aims to protect consumers, promote the traditions of Italian agriculture and food products and the values of Italian gastronomic culture around the world.

The certification is recognised by the Italian Republic and promoted by the Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad in conjunction with ISNART (National Institute of Research and Tourism).

To find the nearest certified restaurant to you, make sure to check out our newly launched Ospitalita’ Italiana website at the following link: https://tasteitalian.com.au

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Since 2010, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Sydney has been promoting the project in NSW with the mission to recognise and certify Authentic Italian Restaurants in the country and to promote and protect Made in Italy products from the threats of copycatting and the so called “Italian Sounding”.

The Importance of Ospitalità Italiana in Australia

In Australia, Ospitalità Italiana sets the benchmark for expectations of the quality of Italian cuisine and hospitality as well as highlights the importance of authentic and certified products (DOP and IGP) and wines’ origin (DOCG or DOC).

The project recognises Italian eno-gastronomic culture around the world and is celebrated during Italian Cuisine Week.

Requirements for obtaining the Golden Trademark

✸ Identity and Italian Distinctivenes
✸ Reception
✸ Mise en Place
✸ Kitchen
✸ Menu

✸ Gourmet Offer
✸ Wine List
✸ Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil
✸ Experience and Competence
✸ PDO and PGI Products

Do you think your restaurant qualifies for the Ospitalità Italiana certification? Contact us at chamber@icciaus.com.au